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Who is Scuba Steve?

Scuba Steve is a husband and proud father of two daughters and a puppy.  Family is his first priority but he has many interests that keep him as active as possible.  This includes swimming, running marathons, mountain biking and just about any activity you can think of.  If he hasn't tried it, it's only a matter of time!  You can be certain he would be a willing participant!

Known simply as "Scuba" to most who know him, it's not hard to figure out why!  As a professional scuba diver, he has been found scuba diving on 5 continents, dozens of countries and many of the most remote islands around the world in all kinds of conditions: oceans, lakes, daytime, nighttime, warm tropics, and in sub-freezing temperatures under thick sheets of ice.  He has seen many things such as beautiful fish, turtles, whales, sharks, war planes and sunken ships of all kinds and sizes, but he continues to search for the ever-elusive sunken treasure!


Of all the things Scuba likes to do, teaching swimming to children at summer camp is his favorite.  The Tales of Scuba Steve pays tribute to the children who have inspired him on a daily basis for the past 36 summers and brings the thrill and adventure of scuba diving to everyone.

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